24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance

Discover top-quality CCTV surveillance solutions with SECOM, the leading provider of security technology in Malaysia. Our extensive range of cutting-edge products ensures the safety and security of your property.​

With the advanced developments in CCTV, video and audio transmission technology, client’s sites now can be monitored and protected with a highly secure and fully-featured solution offered by SECOM. With 24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance Services, we provide an interactive and responsive “Virtual-Guard” for the clients and we manage to help our clients in reducing the requirement for a full-time security team, whose physical presence provide a sense of well-being for the customers performing transactions especially during the wee hours at night.

With a commitment to innovation and reliability, SECOM (Malaysia) offers state-of-the-art wireless CCTV cameras that provide crystal-clear video footage day and night. Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of Malaysian customers, from residential properties to large-scale commercial installations. Wireless CCTV cameras in Malaysia are advanced surveillance devices that use wireless technology to transmit video and audio signals to a recording device or monitor.​

Benefits of Wireless CCTV Camera 

central monitoring system

+ A complete 24 x 7 recording, monitoring, remoting, managing and controlling of live event in real time at SECOM Command Centre.

+ High potential to stop an incident before it happens.

+ Significantly reduces false alarm and cost of hiring onsite guards.

+ Support of 24 x 7 break-down and repairs with immediate parts and equipment.

+ Well-trained operator from SECOM Command Centre able to communicate and warn the potential intruders or vandals on the scene that they are being viewed on a live CCTV; replacements upon detection.

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