Security / Emergency Response Services

SECOM is provided and offered an exclusive Security / Emergency Response Services for those who are looking for a peace of mind that can rely on when an event arises. Over the years, we have proven our service to be effective in combating crime and helping our Subscribers to prevent or minimize the losses with a very affordable fee. A home security system in Malaysia is a comprehensive network of devices and technologies designed to protect homes from intruders, emergencies, and other threats. 

Benefits of Security / Emergency Response Services


+ A  trained Emergency Response Officer (RO) will be dispatched to the site with rapid manner in the event that alarm is activated;

+ Response Officer will conduct a perimeter check on for any signs of forced entry on building;

+ Response Officer will immediately notify the appropriate authorities and block the exists, if there are signs of vandalism or forced entry;

+ Response Officer will secure the property with reset the alarm before they leave, if there are no signs of vandalism or forced entry.

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