With the advanced developments in CCTV, video and audio transmission technology, client’s sites now can be monitored and protected with a highly secure and fully-featured solution offered by SECOM (Malaysia). With 24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance Services, we provide an interactive and responsive “Virtual-Guard” for the clients and we manage to help our clients in reducing the requirement for a full-time security team, whose physical presence provide a sense of wellbeing for the customers performing transactions especially during the wee hours at night.


Benefits of 24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance includes:-

  • Completely 24 x 7 recording, monitoring, remoting, managing and controling of live event in real time at SECOM Command Centre.
  • Significantly reduces false alarm and cost of hiring onsite guards.
  • Well-trained operator from SECOM Command Centre able to communicate and warn the individuals on the scene if individuals behave in questionable way, dispatching Emergency Response Officer to site or contact the relevant authorities (Authorised Person, Police Dept. or Fire Dept.) if necessary.
  • Support of 24 x 7 break-down and repairs with immediate parts and equipment replacements upon detection.