Secom (Malaysia) is a licensed private investigation agency in Malaysia. We covers wide variety of investigation services (Identity Verification Background Check, Physical Surveillance, Due Diligence, Loss Investigation, Undercover Operations and etc) to the individual, business community, companies, public and private sector with report our findings in professional and timely manner.


Types of Investigation Services
  • Identity Verification Background Check.
    • Background checks are often requested by management on potential recruitment candidates or counterparties to verify the accuracy their’s claims as well as to discover any possible hidden facts. SECOM (Malaysia) have a specific teams dedicated to conduct background investigations including medical records, criminal record, military records, commercial records and financial records to verify the identity of an invidual or organization’s background.
  • Surveillance.
    • SECOM (Malaysia) conduct surveillance for both short and long term periods by monitoring or observing a person, a place or an object from a distance to determine the whereabouts, interactions or activities. Our surveillance investigations including:
      • Missing Person
      • Marital Infidelity
      • Vandalism
      • Financial Fraud
      • Recurrent Theft
      • Worker’s compensation cases

Due diligence is vital and critical for decision-making in any acquisition or investment to ensure the backgrounds, reputations and integrity issues of the opponents. SECOM (Malaysia) goes further by providing sophisticated investigation and analysis into all relevant aspects of the organization to help our clients to avoid or mitigate any unpleasant surprises in the integration phase.


Identifying the cause of unfavorable event is necessary to take precaution as subsequent action. However, such investigation could be difficult when comes to certain event such as fires and explosion, or vandalism of property, which evidence is often being destroyed by naturally or intentionally. SECOM (Malaysia), on the other hand, provides knowledgable and experienced investigator to assist in explaining or report the findings of particular incidents, as part of the loss investigation.


SECOM (Malaysia) provides undercover investigation in workplace to the management with intimate details of internal operations involving employee conduct, performance and operation. The undercover investigator will present themselves as a volunteer or employee to join the targeted organization to work together and establishing working relationships with other employees, in an effort to uncover the truth where no one should know an investigation is in progress other than those directly responsible.