These are 90,000 security guards in Malaysia, about 3% are licensed to carry firearms. The Malaysian government also approved 9,000 Nepalese guards or 10% of the total guard force to work in this country.

Due to the increasing cost of hiring guards, many customers are moving towards 100% electronic security solutions using alarm, CCTV and access controls and integrating the 3 systems into 1 common platform for better management and control. There is less dependency on physical guards, for example most public schools will only hire 1 to 2 guards and depend on CCTV for better coverage. Customers are contended to use alarm with CMS and response to substitute guards. Fast response time is critical to prevent or reduce losses.

SECOM has a large variety of products ranging from mid range product to fulfill Residential, SME & SMI until high range product for large corporation such as high rise building, factory, warehouse, etc. We have wide variety of different security products such as Alarm, CCTV, Access Control, Guard Tour, and Visitor Management System for different level of protection.