Why Secom


The advance of today’s technology provides us with variety of options to build security parameter. Base on the need of the business as well as other factors such as location, building layouts and construction, SECOM (Malaysia) will provide the best option in order to maximize the capability of the equipment to serve accordingly. The advantage of having a total security solution that combines technology and responsive security is greater than that of which only dependent on one type of solution only. The precision and reliability of a machine is complimented by the responsive nature of respond officer on duty. Should the need arise from the incoming threat, within minutes it will be address and action will be taken. With more than 40 years of worldwide implementations of this responsive system, you can be sure it will benefit a lot of subscribers over the years.

Internal Security Threats:

  • Employee theft
  • Workplace violence
  • Vandalism & sabotage
  • Fire & gas leak

External Security Threats

  • Outsider theft
  • Unauthorized entry & trespassing
  • Vandalism & sabotage
  • Break-in & robbery

Improve In:

  • Deterrence, detection & determination
  • Round-the-clock monitoring, technical & customer support
  • Responsiveness to emergency incident
  • Protection / security effectiveness

Reduce In:

  • Worries
  • Cost of maintenance
  • Risk of loss prevention
  • Risk of crimal


Today, both electronic security solutions and systems are broadly utilized within corporate workplaces, commercial space, residential and public vicinity for a better management and operations, as well as to reduce the dependency on security guards. The higher cost endured by clients due to the deployment of security guard assignments in the premise or property makes more and more companies subscribe to the technology of remote surveillance.

SECOM (Malaysia) is not only providing a highly effective and efficient approach in dealing with security, safety, and risk management challenges for the past decade, but we also offering a lower operating costs while meeting the increasing security service demands from the Subscribers. We provides a range of comprehensive security solutions with support of high-technology security systems to meet variety of Subscriber needs:-

Total Security Solutions:-

Equipment Support:-


Step 1: Site Survey

>> Sales personnel will visit the site for potential risk and threats at customer’s premises;
>> Identify the potential threat and surrounding environment.

Step 2: Free Quotation

>> Suggestion and recommendation from a group of security expert for the right;
>> Recommend on improvement of physical building structure if necessary.

Step 3: Proposal Presentation

>> Presentation of proposal including system design, price and services;
>> Explain detail function of different sensors;
>> Benefit and effectiveness of security solution and package.

Step 4: Order Confirmation

>> Arrange for installation and commissioning date.

Step 5: System Installation

>> Final site survey by technician;
>> Contractor installs accordance to security plan;
>> Testing of system by technician.

Step 6: Handover

>> Area leader handover system to Subscriber;
>> Service start officially.

Step 7: Response Service

>> Upon alarm triggered, signal will send to control centre via telephone line;
>> Control Centre will inform respective depot for immediate response;
>> Upon response officer arrival at Subscriber’s premise, a perimeter check will be conducted follow by internal check.

Step 8: System Maintenance Support

>> Free and covered by monthly CMS (except caused by misused);
>> Suggested to sign up annual preventive maintenance if not covered by monthly CMS (One off purchase);
>> Alarm system has self diagnostic feature to detect any abnormalities or malfunction of the equipment, our Control Centre will be notified if abnormal signal received from the Panel;
>> Response Technicians will carry out the diagnosis and troubleshoot the problem upon arrival at Subscriber’s premise;
>> Replacement of problem sensors if necessary;
>> Experienced Servicing team to backup RT in the event of complicated technical fault;
>> To minimize downtime of the system and rectify the problem within shortest period of time to provide Subscribers a peace of mind.