We are proud to announce our business model as we conduct consistent management from research and development to installation work, monitoring, and response  measures to provide quality services. Therefore, the approach always starts from proper security planning to prevent criminality and threat on your premise.

Tailor Made Solutions

Round The Clock Response

24 Hours Customer Support

Our Process

Step 1: Site Survey



>> Sales personnel will first contact customer to set an appointment for a site survey.

>> Sales personnel will then meet customer according to the time and date agreed by both parties.

>> The purpose of this site survey is to identify potential threat and surrounding environment.

>> During this process, customer also may explain further in order for our team to understand better.

>> Sales personnel will use the information given by customer to proposed the possible solutions.

>> Sales personnel will proceed to the next step of the process by generating quotation.

Step 2: Free Quotation



>> Sales personnel will use the information given by customer to come out with the best proposal.

>> During this process, sales personnel might propose a few proposal.

>> Customers have the right to ask for revision of quotation if the quotation did not fit to their needs.

>> The process can be discuss further until both parties have a win-win situation.

>> Suggestion and recommendation from a group of security expert for the right quotation.

>> Recommend on improvement of physical building structure if necessary.

Step 3: Proposal Presentation



>> Presentation of proposal including system design, price and services.

>> Explain detail function of different sensors.

>> Sales personnel to explain on why the reason behind every sensors proposed.

>> Customers may discussed explicitly in this process.

>> Customers may add or remove sensors for the solution to best fit to their needs.

>> Benefit and effectiveness of security solution and package.

Step 4: Order Confirmation



>> Arrange for installation and commissioning date.

>> Customer to revert with confirmation within specified time.

>> Equipment delivery time will be determine by number of order quantities.

>> Equipment delivery time will be determine by number of stocks in house.

>> Customers to aware on the date confirmed by both parties.

>> Installation date later on is set between technical team and customer.

Step 5: System Installation



>> Technical team will conduct a site visit in order to fully understand the confirmed propose solution.

>> The site visit is also to identify what is customer requirement prior to the  installation work.

>> Technical team will take note if there is any installation tools needed i.e. long ladder, coverall etc.

>> An additional input might be proposed if the confirmed planned is not up to SECOMs’ standards.

>> Technical teams to liaise with contractor in order to proceed with the installation work.

>> Testing of system will be done after all of the installation work has been fully completed.

Step 6: Handover



>> Handover of system after testing and installation work has been completed.

>> Technical or operation team will assist to do a one time; one-on-one system training to customer.

>> Customer may ask for more details on how the system works during this process if necessary.

>> Customer also may ask for a basic guideline handbook to operate the system.

>> Documents need to be signed as a result of the system is fully handed over to the customer.

>> SECOMs’ service to start immediately and customer may contact 1-800-88-0183 for any inquiries.

Step 7: Response Service



>> Upon alarm triggered, signal will be send to control center via telephone line.

>> Control Centre will inform respective depot for immediate response.

>> Upon arrival at customers’ premise, a perimeter check will be conducted follow by an internal check.

>> In any occurrence the nearest team unable to reach in time, the next nearest team will be dispatched.

>> The response for SECOMs’ customer will be around the clock 24/7 hours a day.

>> Response officer will notify respective person in charge and authorities department if necessary.

Step 8: System Maintenance Support



>> Free and covered by monthly CMS (except caused by misused).

>> Suggested to sign up annual preventive maintenance if not covered by monthly CMS.

>> Response Technicians will troubleshoot the problem upon arrival at Subscriber’s premise.

>> Replacement of problem sensors if necessary.

>> Experienced Servicing team to backup RT in the event of complicated technical fault.

>> To minimize downtime of the system and rectify the problem within shortest period of time.

Common Threats

>> Theft

>> Violence 

>> Vandalism

>> Sabotage

>> Robbery

>> Trespassing

>> Shoplifting

>> Break-In

SECOMs’ Benefits

Improve In

>> Monitoring

>> Response

>> Protection

Reduce In

>> Worries

>> Loss

>> Criminal

Suitable For Any Businesses

Our total security solutions is to enhance the efficiency on business operation and offer security at the same time regardless to any type or size of your business. Anytime, anywhere around Secom’s coverage areas.




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