SECOM was founded by Makoto Ida in 1962 as the first security company in Japan. In 1966, SECOM (Japan) has developed the first on-line security system for commercial use in Japan and built a country-wide infrastructure.

Years later, SECOM (Malaysia) was established on April 1991. With smart technology and support of human resources, we go beyond system integration by integrates and customizes layered of security solution for any industry depending on the level of protection needed.

Throughout the years, SECOM (Malaysia) has undergone a remarkable transformation from its humble beginning with only 1 subscriber and 5 staffs to where we are today having more than 4000 Subscribers and 800 Staffs with 16 Response Depots all over Malaysia.

The partnership with The Lion Group, SECOM (Japan) and Koperasi Polis Diraja Malaysia (KPDRM), and also the support from the Subscribers, SECOM (Malaysia) has grown to become the most trusted and reliable security provider in Malaysia. As our business continues to grow, we always strive to go the extra mile to exceed Subscribers’ expectation.


As part of our commitment towards achieving the best of quality in security services, SECOM (Malaysia) has acquire accreditations by several bodies and officially recognized as quality ensured company:-

ISO 9001 (495x700)

• ISO 9001 : 2005 - Quality Management System

– With comply ISO 9001, enable SECOM (Malaysia) to develop a top quality management system to meet our client’s quality requirement while improving operational processes. 

– It’s result in shorter lead times, high delivery reliability and consistently high quality of services to the benefit of our Subscribers.

• ISO 22301:2012 - Business Management Continuity Management System

– With the certification of this standard, our Subscribers will protected as the probability of the threat towards the company is reduce and can be avoided.

– This is to ensure the reliability of our service and function to our Subscribers.

ISO 22301 (495x700)
ISO 13485 (1) (495x700)

• ISO 13485 - Good Distribution Practice for Medi. Device Management System

– Medical device such as AED is included in our solution is being paired with ISO 13485 certification.

– This is to ensure a good practice and no harm comes to our Subscribers that will use our medical device in our solution.

• ISO 18788 : 2015 - Security Operations Management System

– Management system for private security operations.

– Provision of security operation services covering 24 hours central monitoring services and guard services

Security License 2(a) & 2(b), by Ministry of Home Affairs (2) (495x700)

• Security Licenses 2(a) & 2(b), by Home Ministry

– The certificate produce by Home Ministry enable SECOM (Malaysia) to provide security guard and protection to any individual or company in relation to keeping the vicinity safe from threats.

– It’s also enable SECOM (Malaysia) to provide investigative services on any business set by a Subscriber.

• Grade 7 G7 (M&E), by CIDB Malaysia

– Allow SECOM (Malaysia) to provide installation or construction services to Subscribers according to law.

– This will ensure all installation are up to the standard and practice according to the law in Malaysia which also will protect the interest of the Subscribers as well.

CIDB Malaysia (495x700)
Security Services Association of Malaysia, by Ministry of Home Affairs (2) (495x700) (481x680)

• Security Services Association Malaysia, by PPKKM

– SECOM (Malaysia), one of the members of Security Services Association of Malaysia.

– A strong body in the industry that aims to connects all security service providers in Malaysia.

• Account Registration, by Ministry of Finance

– As part of our obligation towards our Subscribers, SECOM (Malaysia) has obtained license from Ministry of Finance.

– This is to ensure our service provision is legitimate by Malaysian law standard so our Subscribers will proceed any transaction with confidence an secured by the law.

Account RegistratioN (2)
Coverage Areas

SECOM depots, technical service centre and mobiles for any emergency and immediate respond is available throughout Malaysia, ready and prepared to protect and secure our Subscribers’ premises :-

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SECOM is an internationally known organisation throughout the continents, making our operation always on the forward through integrated system and  technological support :-