SECOM Services

SECOM offers “man + machine” concept to serve our customer, therefore with SECOM, you do not just get security products to protect yourself with; as long as you are a SECOM customer, you will be having our extensive expertise at your disposal, including 24 hours emergency assistance.

Our responsibilities begin, not end with the installation of security equipment. We also extend our valued services to assure a greater security to suit individual business needs. Besides Security Products in which we use equipment to protect your premise, SECOM also provide our professional services to serve our customer with better security management.

We can provide our customers with a range of specialized services or a complete security solution. Here you will find information on our most frequent services.

Central Monitoring Services (CMS)

Central Monitoring Services (CMS) is a total security package integrated by SECOM. It is different compared with those conventional security companies that leave entire security system to operate and manipulate by the user, SECOM operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to monitor your premises and provide rapid response to emergency incident.

Benefits of CMS package includes:-

  • Inclusive service and maintenance of equipment will be conducted regularly
  • Reducing damages by intruders to the minimum
  • A peace of mind as users are not required to respond on any triggered alarm after office hours
  • Indemnity insurance coverage
How CMS operates



Trigger signal from DX-I Alarm is sent to SECOM Control  Centre via telephone line.




Experienced operator immediately respond and verify the emergency.




By dispatching high trained Emergency Response Officer from nearest Depot to the site.




By notifying the appropriate authorities (police, fire department and authorized person of the company) when necessary.


With the advanced developments in CCTV, video and audio transmission technology, client’s sites now can be monitored and protected with a highly secure and fully-featured solution offered by SECOM (Malaysia). With 24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance Services, we provide an interactive and responsive “Virtual-Guard” for the clients and we manage to help our clients in reducing the requirement for a full-time security team, whose physical presence provide a sense of wellbeing for the customers performing transactions especially during the wee hours at night.


Benefits of 24 x 7 Interactive Remote CCTV Surveillance includes:-

  • Completely 24 x 7 recording, monitoring, remoting, managing and controling of live event in real time at SECOM Command Centre.
  • Significantly reduces false alarm and cost of hiring onsite guards.
  • Well-trained operator from SECOM Command Centre able to communicate and warn the potential intruders or vandals on the scene that they are being viewed on a live CCTV. These are usually enough to stop an incident before it happens.
  • Support of 24 x 7 break-down and repairs with immediate parts and equipment replacements upon detection.


● Are you tired of receiving a phone calls at 3:00 a.m. when an alarm triggers due to an existence or potential existence of security breach has been detected?

● Are you afraid of responding to an alarm triggers that put yourself or your staff’s personal safety in unnecessary risk?

● What to do if alarm triggers while you’re away on a vacation or business?

● Are you know the responding speed to an alarm triggers are critical to minimise the impact, damage and cost?

SECOM is provided and offered an exclusive Security / Emergency Response Services for those who are looking for a peace of mind that can rely on when an event arises. Over the years, we have proven our service to be effective in combating crime and helping our clients to prevent or minimize the losses with a very afforable fee.

Benefits of Security / Emergency Response Services  includes:-

  • A trained Emergency Response Officer (RO) will be dispatched to the site with rapid manner in the event that alarm is activated.
  • Response Officer will conduct a perimeter check on for any signs of forced entry on building.
    • Response Officer will immediately notify the appropriate authorities and block the exists, if there are signs of vandalism or forced entry.
    • Response Officer will secure the property with reset the alarm before they leave, if there are no signs of vandalism or forced entry.


The presence of a security guards on the premises often serves as a visible deterrent to potential intruders and provide protection on client’s site . With increasing levels of criminal activities, the demand for the security guard services are expected to be very high compared with past decades. SECOM (Malaysia) is specialized in providing highly trained Nepalese security guards as well as local guards and our guards are highly rated in the security industry. Although our security guard rates are determined on an hourly basis and the cost is above the market rate, our clients can be assured of quality and results with SECOM guards.


Types of Security Protection:-

  • Security Guards
  • Uniformed unarmed guards
  • Nepalese guard
  • Private detectives/investigators


Security Audits are vital to improve quality of security by determine the weaknesses, gaps and vulnerabilities exist throughout your organization, as well as the issues that are noncompliance with the security policies. SECOM provides comprehensive security penetration testing and assessments to help the organization to improve and establish an effective security solutions that can mitigate problems and risks that associated with identified threats.

Benefits of Security Audit:-

  • Audits tailored according to organization’s security needs and concerns.
  • Identify the critical weaknesses, gaps and vulnerabilities of organization with evaluate the existing security measures for improvement.
  • Ensure quality of security procedure and standards are implemented correctly at high standard.
  • An effective countermeasures will be recommended to the management to enhance security and safety of an organization.


Security Management Services is dedicated to the provision of security management expertise and support services to enterprises to ensure the protection of property, assets and persons.


Benefits of Security Management Service includes:-

  • SECOM Professional will establishing and enforcing company’s security policies and procedures as information classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis to identify threats, categories assets, and rate system vulnerabilities to implement effective controls.
  • Maintains a safe and secure environment by mitigate the security threats of an organization to protect and prevent a company’s assets and people from invasion and harm.
  • Arranges organizations with well trained Security Manager / Officer to manage existing in-house / outsourced guards.


SECOM provides assistance to organizations in developing and implementing loss management and loss prevention programs for any sign up of Security Audit and Security Management Services. Our expert will evaluate the loss potential and recommend the cost-effective solutions and strategies that can be implemented to reduce preventable losses.


Benefits of Loss Management and Loss Prevention Consultancy includes:-

  • Identify the hazards and potential losses through regular security assessment and inspection.
  • Develop appropriate and effective loss management and prevention methods in controlling losses.
  • Provide ministries with guidance and develop awareness through education, training and information sharing in handle potential hazards to maintains a safe.


Secom (Malaysia) is a licensed private investigation agency in Malaysia. We covers wide variety of investigation services (Identity Verification Background Check, Physical Surveillance, Due Diligence, Loss Investigation, Undercover Operations and etc) to the individual, business community, companies, public and private sector with report our findings in professional and timely manner.

Types of Investigation Services
  • Identity Verification Background Check.
    • Background checks are often requested by management on potential recruitment candidates or counterparties to verify the accuracy their’s claims as well as to discover any possible hidden facts. SECOM (Malaysia) have a specific teams dedicated to conduct background investigations including medical records, criminal record, military records, commercial records and financial records to verify the identity of an invidual or organization’s background.
  • Surveillance.
    • SECOM (Malaysia) conduct surveillance for both short and long term periods by monitoring or observing a person, a place or an object from a distance to determine the whereabouts, interactions or activities. Our surveillance investigations including:
      • Missing Person
      • Marital Infidelity
      • Vandalism
      • Financial Fraud
      • Recurrent Theft
      • Worker’s compensation cases

Due diligence is vital and critical for decision-making in any acquisition or investment to ensure the backgrounds, reputations and integrity issues of the opponents. SECOM (Malaysia) goes further by providing sophisticated investigation and analysis into all relevant aspects of the organization to help our clients to avoid or mitigate any unpleasant surprises in the integration phase.


Identifying the cause of unfavorable event is necessary to take precaution as subsequent action. However, such investigation could be difficult when comes to certain event such as fires and explosion, or vandalism of property, which evidence is often being destroyed by naturally or intentionally. SECOM (Malaysia), on the other hand, provides knowledgable and experienced investigator to assist in explaining or report the findings of particular incidents, as part of the loss investigation.


SECOM (Malaysia) provides undercover investigation in workplace to the management with intimate details of internal operations involving employee conduct, performance and operation. The undercover investigator will present themselves as a volunteer or employee to join the targeted organization to work together and establishing working relationships with other employees, in an effort to uncover the truth where no one should know an investigation is in progress other than those directly responsible.